Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009

Some news

As we said in german "Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof" - I must stop the workings on my Fokker-project, because there are a few new orders from modelling magazines. So I will build now these kits:

StuG IV early from Dragon (No. 6520) - a smart kit with over 740 parts. The first look seems very promising.

A fine review is available on missing lynx - here the link:

Russian T-62 Modell 1962 from Trumpeter (No. 00376). At this point a BIG THANK YOU goes to Adam Wilder for sending me some MIG-Production Improvents - here the Fuel Tank Plumbing Attachement (MP 35-350).

I started the building and for my first imperssion I must say: a nice kit from a very interesting vehicle. Sadly there are some issues. For more information you can also visit the following link:

 Here a first look at the turret. I replaced the barrel with a 115 mm L/50 barrel from RB (No.35B28). Compared with the Trumpeter aluminum barrel the RB product looks much more convincing.

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