Montag, 7. Dezember 2009

Something different - FOKKER Dr.I

Oh yes...thats an airplane - the famous Fighter of the World War I - the Fokker Dr.I. Surly very different from my usal interests but anyway very very interesting.

I was inspired by building an oldtimer airplane after an holiday trip through Florida. In the near of Orlando I found a small and very amazing private airfield with well restored airplanes. I´ve had the possibility to fly (as a passenger) with an old biplane - a Waldo D-25 and so I said to me: "Carpe diem". I´ve survived this flight and I was hooked. For those who are interested --> here the link of the museum /airfield:

Back at home I ordered a kit from EDUARD, Item 8161 and a little bit literature. Btw, here some pics from the WALDO trip and from my newest project: I will build a FOKKER Dr.I in scale 1:48. Sometimes I need a little bit variety.

Well, time for some progress. I finished the interior in the last days - everything was made strictly OOTB because I ´m not a WW I fighter expert and I trust in EDUARD. For me as a newbee the Eduard parts looks fine enough and I was most satisfied by the seatbelts.

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