Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011


I am back again at the workbench - with a quarterscale kit from Tamiya. This time I choose a modern subject - the workhorse of the US-Army, the HMMWV, called "HUMVEE".

Tamiya offers under the designation "U.S. modern 4x4 utility vehicle, cargo type" (No.32563) a superb detailed kit, which allows you to build a typical M998 cargo vehicle.

I only replaced the wheels with a nice HAULER product and used some PE-Parts, as well from HAULER. Otherwise the HUMVEE was built straight OOTB. I had my fun from the first to the last part and there were no frustration about bad fit or weak details. Ok, I think the saleprice is a litte to high..but, I love these little HUMVEE :-)

I could concentrate me totally at my favourite job - the painting. Please look the pictures.

without canvas - also a nice option

Hope you like this, and..the next HUMVEE is waiting :-)