Samstag, 7. April 2012

"Russian Helicopter Mil-Mi-4"

Well near follower, here come something complete different from me! Yes, I did it and build a russian helicopter in scale 1/72. I like the shape of this early russian heli Mil-Mi-4 (NATO--Code "HOUND")


I picked up the nice HOBBYBOSS -Kit in scale 1/72 and some additional stuff, esp. PE-Parts from Eduard.

The kit:

thats what you get

I decided to build a "forgotten" Heli, there are a lot of pics existing into the www. The paint is very worn and scribbed off, the cockpit glases are broken. Here are the pics of my first finished helicopter - sure there is still a lot of techniques to practise until I can reach a convincing result, but for the start I am satisfy mit my "HOUND".

Concluding I have to say I had a lot a fun with this kit, it was like rediscovering fun at modelling. This was for sure not the last side trip ;-)

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Sancar.. hat gesagt…

Another good work from you Lars. I like to see your models..