Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

Time to say - enough is enough.

Hi Folks,

this will be my last post here - I am quit with scale modelling.

To clean up my stash I offer here some of my last kits - so do you have any interest to buy one (or more) please contact me via:

So this is my good bye - wish you all a good time friends.

T-90: 45,00 EUR zzgl. Porto

Me-109 1:48 ProfiPack: 35,00 EUR zzgl. Porto 

T-72M (without instruction manual): 25,00 EUR zzgl. Porto 

something special: Conversation set (limeted) for Tamiya T-72: 55,00 EUR zzgl. Porto 

Complete package for Tamiya KRUPP Protze: 75,00 EUR zzgl. Porto 

very delicate Mine Roller KMT-7 made of finest resin from russia: 35,00 EUR zzgl. Porto 

T-26: 15,00 EUR zzgl. Porto 

VK 18.01:  15,00 EUR zzgl. Porto 

Skoda RSO: 50,00 EUR zzgl. Porto 

Bushmaster from Showcase models with wheels from DEF: 70,00 EUR zzg. Porto 

Marder II (mid): 30,00 EUR zzgl. Porto 

VK601: 15,00 EUR zzgl. Porto 

Sopwith F.1 Camel 1:48 : 15,00 EUR zzgl. Porto 

Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2014

Landrover 110 Hardtop - in UN-Service

Hobby Boss released a varity of Land Rover vehicles in scale 1:35. I was curious about one of this kits and so I bought this version. 

The assembling goes straight forward, the parts are mostly fine moulded. Some details could be more sharp.
Here we see the lower frame with nice engine, the hull and the hardtop.

To push the details I used additionally the PE-Set No.35 423 from Voyager. 

also recommendable aftermarket stuff are sagged resin wheels  - here I used a set from DEF Model

as said before assembling was quite easy, so the paintjob seems the more interesting part. I started with a basecote with Mr. Surfacer 1000

then adding some pre-shading effects

the model was sprayed with very thin layers of white

some raised details were additionally painted with pure white

for the prominent UN-markings I used a Stencilit template (Item No. ST1005)

also I used the great water sliding devals from Bison Decals (35154) - some drops of Micro Set & Sol are always helpful 

adding some streaking efects with ready mixed product

Here you can see the subtle effects of streakings

Dust imitation was made with thinned earth colors from Humbrol range

As said before - the resin wheels are very recommendable

Finally..lets take a look at the finished model: